About Me

Gina Vetro, is a Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician: holds an A.A.S from an A.V.M.A. accredited program, graduated with honors while studying eastern & western medicines abroad and in the United States including England, France, New York, Los Angeles and Santa Fe, NM.

As an Independent Professional, Gina works with the most innovative techniques to measure the body’s life force energy and emotional well being.

She is a firm believer that being pro-active with wellness without being invasive is key to avoiding medical emergencies. Gina does this by utilizing her specialty in holistic healing with energy medicines through systems based on the philosophies of Ayurveda, Anthroposophy and Homeopathy.

A harmoninizing blend of herbs, nutrition, diet, enrichment and exercise are a few of the key ingredients that are monumental in her approach to healthcare.

Undergraduate work includes a BFA in painting, classical piano, transcendental meditation, kundalini & raja yoga, acupuncture and a master in medical radiesthesia.





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This is me

   This is my practice

      This is why...

         Because it works.

            Because it is much needed.


Because it is important information about healing that works repeatedly over and over and I’ve been doing this work since 1996.

It works from the inside out.


It works on the cause of the cause of the symptoms.


It works by allowing information to enter the body so it can then heal itself.